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Tuesday - 9:30am

Thursday - 7pm

Saturday - 10am

BoxingYoga RETURNS

Starting back 29th July 2020

Combat Sports Centre, Solihull, B91 2JY

Wednesday - 8pm to 8:45pm

Friday - 9:30am to 10:15am
£6 per session (Free Trial)

For Fighters

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Yoga that packs

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Sessions look at the whole pattern of movement in the musculoskeletal system and offers multi-stretching exercises in sequences, thus providing a routine for developing whole-body flexibility.
Merged with Ashtanga Yoga postures it develops body awareness by concentrating on alignment, coordination and flow while retaining the essence of focused movement.
You can expect to push your limits, work hard and sweat yet leave feeling re-energised, stretched out and relaxed.


How a fitness regime designed for boxers became a fitness phenomenon

Forever Sports

BoxingYoga™ is a yoga-based training system originally designed for boxers to improve core power, full-body strength and overall flexibility; to increase fitness, help prevent injury and maximise performance.

Over a flow class of almost 60 minutes, BoxingYoga™ explores and promotes coordination, body awareness and correct posture alignment, helping to build strength both mentally and physically, as well as shorten recovery time and cultivate relaxation and muscular tension release.

‘one of the best classes in the UK’

Men's Health

Members receive

  • unlimited sessions

  • live classes

  • step by step instruction

  • different length sessions

Benefits of BoxingYoga™

  1. Increases whole-body power and strength through emphasising correct form and multi-strengthening exercises in sequence.

  2. Loosens up and counter-stretches tight muscles to help prevent repetitive use injuries, expand range of movement and flexibility.

  3. Improves mental strength, concentration and focus by learning how to endure intense postures.

  4. Works as an effective means to reduce recovery time, stiffness and muscle soreness.

  5. Develops body awareness by concentrating on alignment, coordination and flow.

  6. Teaches controlled breathing necessary to improve balance, regain energy and increase stamina.

  7. Cultivates confidence, motivation and a positive mental attitude.

  8. Challenges individuals to push beyond their limits whilst simultaneously ensuring exercises are safe and suitable.

  9. Provides beginners an insight into the science of boxing, its technical aspects and the challenging workout.